MediatR hits 1.0

I’ve been using a project I wrote/borrowed/stole from a number of internal projects and existing libraries (thanks Matt) for well over a year now, and are releasing to 1.0. MediatR helps turn complex code into simplified request/response interactions, encapsulating queries, commands and notifications into a single, simple interface, collapsing complex controllers into simple pass-throughs to the real work being done:

MediatR lets you send a request to a single handler:

Or do it asynchronously:

Or send a notification to a number of handlers:

I’ve talked about the advantages to this pattern many times, and we use this pattern on nearly every project we encounter these days. The goal of MediatR was to create a small, unambitious implementation of the Mediator pattern, tied only to the Common Service Locator library for instantiating handlers and portable, so it works on just about every platform checkbox I could check, including Xamarin.

The GitHub repo has examples for plugging in all the major containers, and the wiki has documentation. Although the library uses Common Service Locator, it’s completely DI friendly too. Ultimately, the compositional tool is your container, and MediatR merely provides the mediation from message A to handler of A. Enjoy!

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