Our Teams Development Lab

I have been asked by several friends, how our team development lab is arranged. I have explained it several times but they don’t believe me. So without further adieu, our Development Lab.

(This is a the white board in our lab where we post our back log and what stories we are working on for the current iteration. Like our bug?)

(Typical workstation setup, we don’t always pair program, we practice a hybrid approach we call “Complexity Based Programming”)

(We have 12 workstations total)

(This is our field perception model pretty complex huh… Allow the team to understand the value that they are producing)

(One of our stories, as you can see it is 5.5 units worth pretty big for us we try to keep our stories at around 2.0 or less)

Anyone else have pics of their lab environments? Curious to see how everyone else’s environment is.

A Few Good Coders