NBehave Story Authoring

Jimmy Bogard has an excellent post show casing some of the new features of NBehave 0.3.

Some of the new features include:

    • Pending scenarios
    • Console runner
      • Decorate your tests with “Theme” and “Story” attributes
      • Scenario result totals
      • Dry run output

I could go on but Jimmy does a much better job at explaining the usage of NBehave.

As with any open source project we are always looking for contributors to add to the functionality of NBehave.  Some of the features that are on the horizon are:

    • Integration with testing/specification frameworks

      • The story for authoring the “Then” part of the scenario still isn’t that great
    • Features targeted for automated builds/CI
      • XML output
      • A nice XSLT formatter for XML output
      • HTML output of stories in addition to raw text
      • Integration with CC.NET
    • Setup/Teardown for stories/themes, with appropriate BDD names
      • Not sure, since having everything encapsulated in the story can direct my API better

Ordo Ab Chao!

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