Scrum Creates Job Opportunities

Well maybe at least for consultants that is.


I am going to state something that is obvious to me but maybe I am just being naive.


I think that Scrum creates 3 different types of job roles:

  1. Scrum Master: This person is basically a project manager and leader over the process and the project.
    • Scrum Lord: This is a new term that we came up with during my Scrum Master training a year ago, A Scrum Lord is basically the person in charge of coaching the development group on TDD, Continuous Integration and Pair Programming.
      • Scrum Duke/Duchess: This is a term I just came up with for the person responsible for teaching Automated Acceptance testing to a quality group.</ol>  

      Depending on the size of the project and the size of the group one person could wear all these hats.  In an enterprise you could easily see many people wearing these hats.  I want to remind everyone that these roles are Leadership and Coaching roles not dictatorships!


      I just thought of another term,  what about the people doing the work?  I dub these people: Scrum peasants.  I don’t think that will go over that well? LOL


      And if you are practicing distributed agile the HSMIC is called the: Scrum Emperor.  Nice monarchy terms.  What would be funny/scary is if these terms caught on!


      So I don’t forget, these are the actual Scrum roles or idioms:

      Scrum Master: The person, persons in charge of the tracking and the daily updates for the scrum (Equivalent to a Project Manager)

      Pigs: Those who are committed to the tasks (Developers, B.A’s, Dba’s and tester)
      Chickens: Those who are involved but do not have tasks. (Project Owners etc…)
      Back log: The task to be completed
      Sprint: A 4 to 6 week period in which a set of tasks are committed to and which are finished
      Burn Down: Daily progress for a sprint over the sprints length.

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