BDD Macro and Template Usage screencast

What timing I just finished reading JP’s blog about how he paired with Scott Bellware and modified his Macro for BDD.  Well, while they were busy doing that I decided to make a screencast on some modifications I did to JP’s initial macro.  I extended his macro in concert with some ReSharper templates I use to show just how to take advantage of BDD.  Funny thing is I extended it to do the same thing he and Scott did but I added a little flare to it 🙂  Take a look at the screen cast to see what I mean.

This is my first Screencast and my allergies have been killing me lately, so I sound like and elf.  Oh well.  Enjoy.

I am using Visual Studio 2008 with ReSharper 3.0 and NUnit 2.4.3

The macro and ReSharper templates can be found here.

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