BDD Surprise: R# Usage Scenarios

I had to blog about this because it brought a smile to my face when I saw it.

After some discussion yesterday over the benefits of implementing a REST model in ASP.Net MVC.  I was up late last night looking over the MVCContrib project.  I came across Adam Tybor’s SimplyRestful contribution.

When I look at most OSS project I usually look at the objects implementation first and then I look for the test coverage.

I found a class named “RestfulActionResolver”, the name alone peek my curiosity.  I noticed this class had a ResolveActionMethod that would seem to, resolve the action. :-)   I used ReSharper to find the usages of this method to see just how it was being acted upon by other objects(ctrl-alt-F7). 

What appeared next shocked me:



The top of the report read like a normal test suite no surprise there but then I quickly noticed the bottom two entries!


Two things shocked me!

  1. Usage of BDD context/action/behavior (sweet!)
  2. How well it read from a usage report perspective (double sweet!)

Most of you that read my blog love OSS.  I sometimes hate to go into a project and figure out how some OSS project actually works.  Lets face it documentation is very pore on OSS projects.  But by utilizing a BDD approach the test fixtures and test become self describing meta data for comprehending the intentions and actions of the code. 

I know there has been some debate on should the specification files contain multiple class entries defining context.


  • File Name: SimplyRestfulSpecs.cs
    • [TestFixture]
      public class When_The_Form_Is_Posted_With_A_Form_Field_Named_Method_And_A_Value_Of_PUT

      public class When_The_Form_Is_Posted_With_A_Form_Field_Named_Method_And_A_Value_Of_DELETE

Well chalk this one up in the “Favor” column for “multiple class entries defining context”.  With out this I don’t know if the report would have read as well.

Happy coding!


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    2 Responses to BDD Surprise: R# Usage Scenarios

    1. Adam Tybor says:

      Actually that was a discussion I tried to start on the group in MVC Contrib, nobody seemed interested. One about stories and two about testing conventions.

      Dave just had a nice post about BDD, I am still struggling to find my happy place.

      Oh, those “Normal Tests” will be refactored soon to a more BDD like tests.

    2. Joe Ocampo says:

      As a community we are still discovering all the idioms that go into BDD. But as more and more developers start to practice the constructs the feedback loop is even more critical.

      David, JP and Scott have done a good job a spreading the concepts to the community. David’s spec fixture is pretty nice since it encapsulates the Rhino and context setup for you. Very nice.

      Curious how was your experience with BDD?