Passionate about People!

Over the last couple of weeks I have had time to observe many aspects of myself and of the development community.

One of the epiphanies I had was that I am passionate about people more than coding. I love to mentor other developers. I love to mentor future development managers. I love to coach others about Agile practices.

The reward I get is not in them simply listening to me. It is that magical moment when the light bulbs go off on a new concept or when they come up with an outstanding solution to a problem. I love when people accomplish things. Trust me people don’t come up with these ideas because of me, all I simply do is trim the forest so they can see the trees. They are brilliant in their own right.

Don’t get me wrong I still love to code but I love to elucidate concepts to others even more. On top of that I care about people to much to the point that I can’t sleep some time. You see I am the kind of person who wants everyone to get along. I know, I know that is not always possible but I will try my best to create an atmosphere where everyone can at least be heard and talk through their issues with one another. If I upset someone I will usually seek them out and find out what I did to upset them. If I don’t, I usually end up decomposing the altercation to some resolution that will insure it doesn’t happen with anyone else.

Why am I taking to the time to write this all down? Well for two reasons:

  1. I want to make sure I reflect on this in the future.
  2. Is this issue concerning the perception of emotion when conveying information in a written format. i.e. blogs, mailing list etc. Emoticons are a thin medium to convey emotion over these channels but personalities overall are usually lost or misunderstood. With the exception of meeting me in person you have no idea what my true demeanor is. While I love to mentor other I usually do it with a lot of humorous satire. My goal is to get you to smile first and learn second. If you had just met me for the first time you could mistake the satire as literal sarcasm and think I am demeaning you or others.

I just believe that a lot of the rhetoric that is exchanged with other peers within our community can be brought down if we truly took the time to learn each other’s true personality. Or at the least take a moment to sit back and reflect on the question, “Is what I am interpreting truly what this person is meaning to convey?” If you are unsure, ask!  A majority of the time people just didn’t think what they had written would be taken in the way you perceived it.

About Joe Ocampo

My personal philosophy is simple: "Have a good strategy that sets the environment for success through the enablement of the whole. Be agile but with a mind towards pragmatism. Delegate to the best qualified individuals, but don’t be afraid to involve yourself in all parts of a job. Treat everyone with respect, humility, and with a genuine pursuit towards excellence." Respected business and technical leader with expertise in directing organization towards effective results driven outcomes. Proven ability to perform and communicate from both technical and business perspectives. Strong technical and business acumen developed through experience, education and training. Provides the ability to utilize technology, harness business intelligence and execute strategically by optimizing systems, tools and process. Passionate about building people, companies and software by containing cost, maximizing operational throughput and capitalize on revenue. Looks to leverage the strengths of individuals and grow the organization to their maximum potential by harnessing the power of their collective whole and deliver results. Co-Founder of
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One Response to Passionate about People!

  1. I can vouch for the fact that every morning in the lab, Joe enters with a silly voice and a smile. Just to make everyone else smile. He relieves the tension but reminds us that we are professionals and we can get the job done.

    Without sounding like I got brown stuff on my nose, he has been the best manager (sorry, agile coach), I’ve worked for in a while.

    It’s nice when you learn from your colleagues and they will also go to bat for you when necessary.

    I’ve learned a great deal about how to interact with people, especially in the corporate world, from Joe and other colleagues.

    Like the manifesto says, people before processes. I’m trying hard to live that. You should too.