Twittering from the command line

So I was experimenting with Twitter last night and started to use their RESTful services from the command line. 

Why you may ask? Well sometimes I just want to tweet something quickly and I don’t want to bother with opening a client or web page.  So I through together this simple bash script.

    curl -u <username>:<password> -d status=”$1″

Simply add this to your .bash_profile and you can tweet from the command line all day.

tweet “Tweeting from the command line is awesome!” 

I love RESTful services despite popular belief.  :-)  

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7 Responses to Twittering from the command line

  1. Worked for me!


    Side notes: I put mine in my .bashrc file, same affect and I also had to install curl (apt-get install curl OR yum install curl).

  2. bogardj says:

    Haha that’s pretty cool. Reminds me of leetwit:

  3. Joe Ocampo says:

    Yeah I forgot that Mac’s have curl preinstalled

    Glad it worked.

  4. Joe Ocampo says:


    interesting project, very nice! I must partake in such goodness.

  5. terry says:


    pretty sure i should make an installer that adds your bash pwnage to leetwit. that would be pretty handy. weekend project woot.

  6. Joe Ocampo says:


    That would be awesome Terry. Use you mad MacSkillz. :-)

  7. GBGames says:

    Just so you know, since I was unfamiliar with using curl, I thought that maybe it knew what : was, until I realized that I needed to replace those parts with my actual username and password.

    Also, if you don’t want to put your password in clear text in your .bash_profile, you can leave out : , and curl will prompt you for one each time you use it.