Consultant Frustration Coefficient

Talking to Joey B this evening about creating a tool that would measure how frustrated you may become with wanting to mentor a team on Agile development practices. I am calling this the Consultant Frustration Coefficient. What you would do … Continue reading 

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Should you blog?

Jeremy Miller has a great post on should you blog. I agree completely with Jeremy in that as a professional software developer you should blog regardless of your experience.  Jeremy points out a lot of good points and bad so … Continue reading 

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dog : cat :: developer :developer :)

Roy Osherove is looking for some help on his book on how to explain the ease of changeability of private vs. public methods. He is looking for an analogous representation on how to better convey this concept to the reader. … Continue reading 

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How to drink from a fire hose

I have encountered several people over the last week who have simply lost interest in the Alt.Net mailing list due to the overflow of information.  Simply to much information to keep up with.  So I asked them to show me … Continue reading 

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(A Belated) Welcome Chad Myers!

Sorry about this one Chad, I accidentally saved it to my draft folder. LosTechies happily welcomes Chad Myers to the crew! Now I have even more people to hang out with in Austin!

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Passionate about People!

Over the last couple of weeks I have had time to observe many aspects of myself and of the development community. One of the epiphanies I had was that I am passionate about people more than coding. I love to … Continue reading 

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What I do

In response to being tagged by Jason!: These are one of the few questions I hate to answer because I don’t like talking about myself.  In fact if I met you on the street and it was a casual gathering, … Continue reading 

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Say goodbye to 411 charges

And say hello Goog 411 My brother made me aware of a new free business information service provide by Google.  I actually used this over that last couple of days shopping for my kids and having to hunt down the … Continue reading 

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BDD Surprise: R# Usage Scenarios

I had to blog about this because it brought a smile to my face when I saw it. After some discussion yesterday over the benefits of implementing a REST model in ASP.Net MVC.  I was up late last night looking … Continue reading 

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Customer Perception Model: Know thy customer

It’s important to know how your “working” software is being received out in the field.  Immediate customer feedback is one thing during a release but what about after the code actually gets out into the field.  How are those users … Continue reading 

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