It’s not goodbye…

Hey there folks, It’s a bittersweet moment for me, but the time has come for me to relaunch my personal blog/brand back under my own name.  I truly appreciate everything Jason, Joe and everyone else in this community has done … Continue reading 

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Vlad, RVM and Bundler sittin’ in a tree

(Thanks to Chad for nudging me to write this post Up until now, my only experience with deploying Rails or any other Ruby-based web application has been to use the “standard” Capistrano.  For the main Rails 3 application I’ve been … Continue reading 

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RVM, Bash Scripting and Rails 3 Edge

I’ve only begun to tap into the power of bash scripting, but I had a need to automate setting up a Rails 3 app on edge, using RVM like I want.  So I decided to whip up a very simple … Continue reading 

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OSX Terminal Automation

My OSX Terminal Environment (as of today) Some of this might be old hat for a lot of you, but maybe this will help at least a few people.  I’m a pretty big automation addict.  During my Ruby on Rails … Continue reading 

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Getting plugged into Ruby

Brad Mead asked a question on my previous post about my favorite community hang outs, lists, sites, etc. Instead of posting a long comment reply, I decided to turn it into a post of its own. If you don’t like … Continue reading 

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For a long time now I’ve been known as “joeyDotNet”. Of course I’ll never make the mistake tying my name to a particular technology like that again. Especially given some of the recent changes I’ve made in my career. For … Continue reading 

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Quick Fix (and a question): Mongoid Edge

I just went throught the process of upgrading my current app to the latest edge for Rails 3, Mongoid and all of my other gems. And when I went to run my specs, I received this error: Database command ‘drop’ … Continue reading 

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Cucumber, A Brief Overview

Cucumber I’ve found Cucumber to be a pretty nice way of doing high level acceptance/integration testing. It’s also the first time I’ve ever thought that ATDD (acceptance test driven development) is actually achievable. The idea is that you write your … Continue reading 

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The Ruby/Rails Life – My Rails 3 Stack – Part 2

Rails Deployment & Testing There are some really nice tools available for deployment and testing rails. Below is a brief description of some of the ones I’ve been using with success. Capistrano I remember in the early days of my … Continue reading 

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The Ruby/Rails Life – My Rails 3 Stack – Part 1

As some of you might know, About a month ago I left my almost 10 year career as a Microsoft developer to become an independent Ruby/Rails developer (a term I’m deeming “pulling a Gunderloy”). It was long overdue for me … Continue reading 

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