Thanks Jason, for getting me set up over here at LosTechies.  I’m looking forward to contributing my thoughts and experiences as I continue down the path of this agile/.NET software consultant thang.  🙂

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been blogging for quite a while over at my original blog.  So if you’re interested in reading up on some of my old stuff, feel free.  I’ll probably continue to cross-post over there as well. 

Things that are of particular interest to me these days are learning and applying domain-driven design concepts in my projects as well as leveraging some of the awesome open-source .NET frameworks out there like NHibernate and the Castle Project, especially MonoRail.  So you can pretty much expect posts along those lines as well as the occasional “ReSharper is the best tool you can possibly buy as a .NET developer”-type post.

Anyways, adios for now.