Minor change (bug?) in file templates feature of ReSharper 3.0

Notice anything wrong with this?


That “File Template 5” is suppose to say “Class” instead.  I recently upgraded to ReSharper 3.0 from 2.5, and of course brought along all of my ReSharper template libraries that I’ve built up.  One of the things I did for my file templates when I created them was put accessibility shortcuts into the names using ampersands (&) like…


That way I always knew that, for example, doing an Alt-R-N-C would create me a new class and Alt-R-N-I would create me a new interface, etc.  But ReSharper 3.0 doesn’t seem to like those ampersands anymore.  So removing them from the file template name fixes the problem and what ReSharper will now do, that it didn’t do in the past, is automatically assign accessibility shortcuts to the file templates in your quick access list.



In the end, I’m not sure whether this is a bug or feature, but nevertheless, something to keep in mind if you’re a heavy user of the keyboard and the file templating features of ReSharper.

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