Agile Web Development with Rails – Chapter 5

What!  You tease me with code in Chapter 4 and now there is none in this chapter?!?  Oh wait, I guess we should at least figure out what we want to build moving forward.  :)

Chapter 5

Well this chapter is all about doing some very high level use cases, page flows and a quick data diagram.  It’s just scribbled on a piece of paper, so it’s nowhere near as scary as a “dysfunctional requirement” or UML diagram.  It’s your basic e-commerce application.  Which is fitting since I’m actually right in the middle of an e-commerce project at my “day job” which I’m building with MonoRail. 


Speaking of MonoRail, was chatting with a friend earlier and he mentioned that it would be nice to see some comparisons of MonoRail and RoR during this whole process.  I figured some of those comparisons would naturally make there way as I move through the book.  So I’ll try and make a more concerted effort to point out the important differences as I come across them.


So that’s really all that’s in this chapter.  Dave does point out how RoR fits in perfectly with agile because of the ability to make such quick on-the-fly type of changes and the customers can be involved more often.

Alright, next I get to write some code again!

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3 Responses to Agile Web Development with Rails – Chapter 5

  1. mike says:

    I would definitely like to see some contrasts/comparisons with MonoRails since I’m comfortable with Rails but haven’t used MonoRail at all yet. I also don’t think that it would hurt to be a bit opinionated in these comparisons – what does Rails have that kicks the butt of MonoRail and vice versa?

  2. Joe Ocampo says:

    OK Joey that makes two on us now… :-)

  3. joeyDotNet says:

    Ok, Ok. I’m getting the hint… ;)