Agile Web Development with Rails – Chapter 5

What!  You tease me with code in Chapter 4 and now there is none in this chapter?!?  Oh wait, I guess we should at least figure out what we want to build moving forward.  🙂

Chapter 5

Well this chapter is all about doing some very high level use cases, page flows and a quick data diagram.  It’s just scribbled on a piece of paper, so it’s nowhere near as scary as a “dysfunctional requirement” or UML diagram.  It’s your basic e-commerce application.  Which is fitting since I’m actually right in the middle of an e-commerce project at my “day job” which I’m building with MonoRail. 

_Speaking of MonoRail, was chatting with a friend earlier and he mentioned that it would be nice to see some comparisons of MonoRail and RoR during this whole process.  I figured some of those comparisons would naturally make there way as I move through the book.  So I’ll try and make a more concerted effort to point out the important differences as I come across them._

So that’s really all that’s in this chapter.  Dave does point out how RoR fits in perfectly with agile because of the ability to make such quick on-the-fly type of changes and the customers can be involved more often.

Alright, next I get to write some code again!

Agile Web Development with Rails – Chapter 4