Quick Tip: Enabling WordPress Tagging In WLW

I’ve been playing with WordPress a little

over the past couple days (for [our new family

site](http://beninghove.com/) we’re trying to start) and it’s a pretty sweet product.  In their

latest version 2.3 they have full tagging support but at first glance the only

thing Windows Live Writer would allow me to do is set up categories for

WordPress which are not the same.  I prefer tagging for its simplicity. 

So after some searching I found that WLW looks for a file named

“wlwmanifest.xml” to discover what features are available for the particular

blog engine your using.  So all you have to do is download this WLW manifest file

designed for WordPress, and then upload it to the root of your blog.

This allows you to use a nice little box in WLW to enter “keywords” which get

translated into “tags” when posting to WordPress.




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