Anyone played with Enso?

I ran across this pretty nifty looking launcher/productivity tool called Enso.  I’ve downloaded the launcher and
have been playing with it.  Unlike most everybody else, I haven’t switched to
Launchy yet from Slickrun.  (I *heart* Slickrun!).  Launchy just seemed a little
to “pretty” for me I guess.  Slickrun is fast and its “magic
words” have integrated themselves deeply into my work habits.

At first glance, Enso looks similar to Launchy, but from watching the demo, it seems to
have some distinct advantages over your typical “launcher”.  Although it will
probably take me a little while to get used to holding down the Caps key while
doing everything.

Anyone else played with Enso?  Do you like it better than Launchy and/or


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5 Responses to Anyone played with Enso?

  1. Joe says:

    I <3 Slickrun too. Launchy looks a lot like Colibri which I also used to use until I magic-worded my way needing the start menu more than maybe once a day. I’ll give up slickrun when they pry it from my cold dead oh hey wait this looks even shinier….

    Seriously, though, I tried it and it looked pretty neat but a) having to hold down a key while i typed was awful and b) it kept leaving an ‘on top” window on my screen saying “no text selected” that I couldnt close or hide. So, maybe the next version….

    What I’d like to see (and hey, a little boy can dream, can’t he) is a launcher that integrates with my del.icio,us bookmarks, and as I enter tags, the list of available sites is filtered. Then apply this same principle to the dozen or so other applications I use that make heavy use of tagging.

  2. Joe Ocampo says:


    Sounds like a nice open source project. :-)

  3. Steven M says:

    How can you get used to Enso? Using the caps lock key to activate and launch… seriously???

    If you like Slickrun and Launchy, then you should take a look at Keybreeze. It’s kind of a cross between the two because Keybreeze is fast, you can customize your keywords (just like Slickrun), but the UI, auto-complete, and amount of features is amazing — it beats all the other launchers IMO… and it’s free, unlike Enso.

  4. Greg M says:

    I tried Enso briefly but it just struck me as too much, too big, to bloated. I’m sticking with my Slickrun and HotKeyz combination which give me all the functionality I need for my daily work.


  5. cool app. I just downloaded and am playing with it now. A couple of other co-workers are using it as well and like it alot.