Anyone played with Enso?

I ran across this pretty nifty looking launcher/productivity tool called Enso.  I’ve downloaded the launcher and

have been playing with it.  Unlike most everybody else, I haven’t switched to

Launchy yet from Slickrun.  (I *heart* Slickrun!).  Launchy just seemed a little

to “pretty” for me I guess.  Slickrun is fast and its “magic

words” have integrated themselves deeply into my work habits.

At first glance, Enso looks similar to Launchy, but from watching the demo, it seems to

have some distinct advantages over your typical “launcher”.  Although it will

probably take me a little while to get used to holding down the Caps key while

doing everything.

Anyone else played with Enso?  Do you like it better than Launchy and/or



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