Funny question and response of the day

A co-worker of mine sent an email with this question to the whole ”dev”

“Does anyone have a random password generator that I can quickly plug into my

My response:

“Guid.NewGuid().ToString()”  :P

What’s even funnier is that my team lead sent the exact same response
(Guid).  Others replied with “google ‘.net random password generator’”. 

The correct answer turned out to be:


But of course that’s not nearly as funny, now is it…


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5 Responses to Funny question and response of the day

  1. Joe Ocampo says:

    Wow and this whole time I was using GUIDS :-)

    No but seriously I had no idea about that Class. Nice find!

  2. joeyDotNet says:

    Haha, well it wasn’t me who found it. I actually didn’t know about it either. Guess that shows how much I’ve actually used the membership stuff in 2.0 (hardly ever). :O

    Another fellow co-worker sent that to him.

  3. Ya know, now that you mentioned the Membership classes in 2.0, What a mess!!@!@

    The classes are setup nice, and it’s easy to setup, but good luck if you want to extend the damn db tables. Not to mention not being able to use the “Web Administrator” if your’re working on your dev machine.

    All of them use GUID as PK’s, everything is normalized into it’s own table even if it doesn’t need to be. I started using it on one project and quickly tossed it and coded my own membership system.

    Sorry, you hit a nerve there =) damn membership classes =)

  4. joeyDotNet says:

    Hehe, yeah, luckily I haven’t had to do much with them. But a friend of mine was telling me how hard of a time he had trying to drive the pieces that interacted with the membership stuff via TDD. Didn’t sound too fun…

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