MonoRail Quickly – Screencast

Update: Zip file links have been updated due to the first one being corrupt!

Well it was bound to happen at some point.  My first screencast.  It’s a quick walkthrough on how you can get a baseline MonoRail solution up and running.  Yeah, I know.  Everyone’s talking about MS MVC these days, and I’m certainly just as excited about it as anyone else.  But MonoRail is still a very nice MVC framework that can be fully leveraged now. 

So I thought this screencast along with its accompanying zip file might help folks interested in MonoRail, or just ASP.NET MVC frameworks in general, to get one up and running quickly with everything you need (including an automated build script).

Let me know what you think!

(Thanks to my fellow LosTechies crew for hosting the screencast for me.)

Happy Coding!

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One Response to MonoRail Quickly – Screencast

  1. Nice job Joey!

    constructive criticism:
    * I think it should have been more focused. There was a lot of time spent talking about NAnt which I think (for me) could have been skipped. Or separated into a different screencast.

    * there are a number of spots where it seemed like you paused for thought in mid-sentence. It made those parts a bit hard to get through!

    All-in-all great job. Much appreciated.