Looking for some awesome .NET developers (work from home)

Are you:

  • an experienced and passionate .NET developer
    • looking to join a profitable and growing company who creates software solutions for a niche industry that is booming despite the current economy
      • wanting to work from home </ul> Excerpts from our job posting:

      TrackAbout, Inc.

      TrackAbout is a small, profitable and growing software company that provides Software as a Service (SaaS) asset tracking services through the combination of a hosted web platform and various mobile devices that run our custom software. We have a solid, international customer base, are experiencing high demand for our services and are looking at exciting times ahead. We are looking for an exceptional and experienced developer who is interested in playing a pivotal role in the growth of a small company. If you’re truly passionate about technology, we want to talk to you.

      TrackAbout’s main office is just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  However, our development staff is completely virtual (no office) and each developer works from home.

      Position Details:
      We’re seeking a full-time developer (no contractors please) with a minimum of 5 years of experience in web development, object-oriented programming and relational database programming. Agile experience is a plus.  You’ll be working on all aspects of the TrackAbout offering including our ASP.NET website and web services, MS SQL Server 2005 and various wireless mobile devices.

      Your responsibilities will include architecting, designing and building new features, enhancing existing features, and fixing bugs. On occasion, you may be asked to provide second-tier technical customer support for requests that require deeper technical skills than our first-tier support engineers can handle.

      All members of our development team are dedicated to keeping up with the latest techniques, technologies and tools related to software development. We take time out to share our knowledge with one another and improve both our skills and our distributed development environment. We often experiment with and integrate new tools into our environment. We use ReSharper, CruiseControl.NET, TDD with NUnit, FXCop, NCover, Bugzilla, and Drupal to supplement our development efforts.

      So if you’re interested and want to come help me sling some code, check out the full job posting and reply there.

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