MonoRail Controller Test Analysis – Problem and Resolution

Last night, my fellow LosTechies geek Jason, wanted me to check out something he was trying to do in a MonoRail controller test.  For some background and the original source code he was working with, see his Castle forum post. So here … Continue reading 

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From Windsor XML to Binsor In 4 Hours

I’m getting ready to take a break from my current project and switch gears for a little while, but there were a number of “clean up” type tasks I wanted to do before I wrapped things up.  One of the … Continue reading 

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Software is…

A friend and former colleague of mine has finally started blogging, after a year of me heckling him.    Basically Daniel is the guy I go to for schooling me on some of those touchy areas of WinForms (ugh), threading and the occasional … Continue reading 

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Effects Of Encapsulation On Unit Tests – EnumerableAssert

To keep your classes properly encapsulated, I’ve learned (from others and my own experience) that it’s usually a good idea to expose collections only as IEnumerable<T>, until the need arises to elevate it to a higher type.  In keeping with this, it can … Continue reading 

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RE: Technology Brainstorm

(Because I often get tired of writing my verbose comments in a 300×300 text box…) Colin seems to find himself in a pretty good spot.  The wonderful world of Greenfield development.  But of course with this comes…decisions.  MVC or Web … Continue reading 

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Funny question and response of the day

A co-worker of mine sent an email with this question to the whole ”dev” group: “Does anyone have a random password generator that I can quickly plug into my application?” My response: “Guid.NewGuid().ToString()”  What’s even funnier is that my team lead … Continue reading 

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Presentation Model: "Screen" Store Example

“It is better to trust in the LORD Than to put confidence in man.” — Psalm 118:8 Ok folks.  First, a couple disclaimers: I first heard of this kind of approach from JP back during his Richmond boot-camp tour.    Having … Continue reading 

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Anyone played with Enso?

I ran across this pretty nifty looking launcher/productivity tool called Enso.  I’ve downloaded the launcher and have been playing with it.  Unlike most everybody else, I haven’t switched to Launchy yet from Slickrun.  (I *heart* Slickrun!).  Launchy just seemed a … Continue reading 

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RE: Presentation Model Question

I’ve been working on an end to end example using MonoRail (I know, just get it posted Joey!) that can demonstrate one way this can be implemented and JP has given me the green light to get it posted even though he’s … Continue reading 

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Quick Tip: Enabling WordPress Tagging In WLW

I’ve been playing with WordPress a little over the past couple days (for our new family site we’re trying to start) and it’s a pretty sweet product.  In their latest version 2.3 they have full tagging support but at first … Continue reading 

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