And Now a Word From Our Sponsors

I wanted to take a moment and thank the sponsors of  Pablo’s fiesta open space conference.  People and Organizations who sponsor conferences do so because they value their community and use base.  This is especially so for open space conferences since there are very few “formal” presentations with PowerPoint slides and product demos.  We have been very lucky to have a lot support from the Friends of Pablo other companies to keep the cost low enough so the ticket price is not a barrier to attend.

St. Edward’s Professional Education Center

St. Ed’s PEC has been a great partner for several events in the Austin area.  They have graciously have donated the space for the conference.  Without this donation the ticket cost would be dramatically higher.


Say what you want for MS, but they have been a great sponsor of community events.  They have helped us with the Austin Code Camp’s and Pablo’s Day of TDD.  It’s nice to have a reliable partner for doing events that are targets community education. Our developer evangelist, Phil Wheat had been very supportive our efforts.

Other Sponsors

The Conference is coming together really well.  75 people have registered.  We are limiting space to 150, so if you are waiting to the last moment, you might want to speed that up.

The Open Space Conference Experience