Installing MonoTouch

I trying out MonoTouch for a few sample apps.  I’m going to log my travails as I go.  I’ve done a few sample Objective-C apps as well, so I should be able to do a compare and contrast between the two as well.  Using Objective-C is really not too bad, but getting used to XCode was really frustrating.  I’m hoping the general development experience will be closer to what I’m accustomed to.

Installing MonoTouch

Installation was really simple.  The documentation is thorough and accurate. Here’s what you need:

  1. iphone sdk, already had this, so I didn’t do anything
  2. Install Mono Framework
    • packaged at as a disk image, very simple at 181MB, bigger than I expected but relatively small compared to the .Net SDK
  3. Install MonoTouch Another 71MB
  4. Install MonoDevelop — surprisingly small.

My next task will be the ubiquitous hello world app and compare that to the Native version.  More to come.

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