Pablo’s Fiesta is Back!!

The Details:

When: October 25 & 26
Where: Austin TX, St. Edwards PEC (location)

Eventbrite - Los Techies Fiesta Open Space Conference 2013

We took a little haitus last year, but we’re coming back this year for our Third Pablo’s Fiesta Open Space conference.

What is it?

Pablo’s Fiesta is a an Open Space conference on Software Quality and Craftsmanship.  It’s a chance for us to come together, learn from each other, and share our experiences and passion for what we do in an open and inclusive atmosphere.

If you have never been to an Open Space conference, it’s a conference experience like no other.  The schedule is defined at the conference open session, so it’s up to us to make it a great conference!!  Unlike traditional, presentation centric conferences, you are encouraged to move around and find a topic or session that is the most stimulating for you.  Or just start your own.  It’s more of a conversation than presented material.

The Schedule

I’ll provide more detailed schedule information as I get more things planned, such as any parties and social events.

If you’ve been to previous Fiestas, this one is just a little different.  The previous conferences started on Friday night for the opening session  and schedule selection and sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  This year, we will only have sessions on Saturday.  We are going to plan some social activities for Sunday, October 27th, like a picnic and a hackfest, so you might want to plan on staying in Austin until late Sunday.

Friday October 25, around 6:00 PM.  Opening Session.  This is where we propose topics for the conference and define the schedule for the conference.

Saturday October 26, around 9:00 AM.   Conference Sessions begin.

Sunday October 27, TBA. Social Activities.  We’ve got some ideas were bouncing around, probably a picnic or some other activity, plus a hackfest or something.

It’s going to be a great time and I look forward to meeting you all there!


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