Upcoming FubuMVC Webinar Series


Documentation and working samples are great. Trust me, we’re working on them. That being said, I can communicate much better when you’re right beside me and I can talk to you. You can fly out and spend the week with my team, or…you can attend a new installment of Webinars for FubuMVC.


This is a work in progress but here’s the plan so far (I’ll update this as I come up with more ideas):

F101 – Behaviors, Configuration, and Runtime

I’m going to drill our entire architecture into your head. I’ll explain this magic BehaviorGraph and Behavior idea that we always talk. By the end of this, you should understand what makes FubuMVC different.

F102 – View Engines and Html Conventions

I’ll discuss the View Engines that we currently support, how to get them up and running, basic usage scenarios, and we’ll dive into Html Conventions.

F103 – Custom Behaviors

I’ll discuss usages for behaviors and how to write/apply your own.


I’m flexible on this but I’m looking to schedule the first Webinar (F101) for this Friday at 10:00AM CST. Of course, these will be recorded and I will post them as soon as I can.

I’m at your disposal for these and I’m doing it for you. So, what do you think? I’m not going to budge much on the content for F101 but I’m willing to expand it and schedule it so that it makes sense.



Handlers – A useful FubuMVC Convention