Austin Code Camp 2010

A reminder that Austin .NET User Group’s Code Camp is in a couple days – Saturday, May 15 2010. Code Camp is always free, and registration is still open.

At 9am, I’ll be talking about “Leveraging conventions in .NET”. I’ll be walking through a few examples of how my team establishes and uses conventions in our day-to-day work to help us move fast.

Some technologies I’ll touch on:

  • jQuery – Should give you a good taste of its power, if you aren’t using it yet. There are a few more jQuery sessions at Code Camp so you can dive in deeper if you like what you see.
  • Fluent NHibernate – even if you haven’t used FNH or NHibernate, you’ll still be able to appreciate the examples
  • FubuMVC – should also be interesting to ASP.NET MVC developers
Adding git commit information to your assemblies