Code samples from my ADNUG talk – Coding with Conventions

A couple people have asked for the code I used during my talk at the Austin .NET User Group last night.

The code is on github:

The master branch has the state of the code before I started the talk. The live branch has the code after I was done.

If you aren’t familiar with git, you can download the two branches as zip files:




The sample application is built on ASP.NET MVC 3. It demonstrates a simplified version of the convention-based view helpers from FubuMVC. The view helpers make use of the HtmlTags library (now available via nuget), which I recommend you use whenever building HtmlHelper extensions (for ASP.NET MVC or FubuMVC).


If you are curious, I also have a version of the same sample application that was built on FubuMVC:

That code includes a readme with basic setup instructions, as well as notes.txt which contains an outline of the steps I followed during the presentation.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback.

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