How’d he get that image up there?

First off, I’m not much of a blogger so I’m not quite up to speed on the tips and trick of blogging.  I saw recently pretty pictures in one of Nellie’s blogs and was instanly green with envy.  I wanted pictures too!  I tinkered around with the dashboard and blog editor for a while to no avail and finally out of desparation went back his blog entry.  I noticed WindowsLiveWriter in the URL and gave a quick search.  To say the least, I wish I was aware of the tool in the first place.  It facilitates creating blog entries easily with rich content.  Just as a simple example, I’ve included and image of one of the more lackluster constellations, Triangulum………now I can include screen shots in discussions….yiiiihaaa!

Term of the Day: Principle Of Least Surprise – Epilogue