F# + Razor View Engine = FSRazor

Last month InfoQ posted some info from the ASP.NET team about using F# with the new Razor view engine. It seemed like it should be pretty simple, so I thought I’d give it a shot. My (very rough) progress so far is available on GitHub. The solution includes a sample project with a simple F# view using expression blocks:

<h2>@("FS" + "Razor")</h2>
    let even_odd s =
        match s % 2 with
        | 0 -> sprintf "%i is even!" s
        | _ -> sprintf "%i is odd!" s
    DateTime.Now.Second |> even_odd

A useless example, but it works…as long as there aren’t unmatched parentheses (within a string or comment). So far the parser is a simple port of the C# parser, and as such is very procedural—it’s unclear if the underlying parser model will afford much wiggle room to take advantage of F#.

It’s been an interesting learning experience, as my first attempt to do “normal .NET” inheritance-based development in F#. Some random thoughts based on work so far…

  • I still struggle to remember F#’s syntax for familiar class constructs (ctor, method, property, etc)
  • I’ve been disappointed so far by my attempts to F#-ize the C# port
  • I finally bothered to look up how to add assembly information in F#
  • I learned about a few new ASP.NET 4 features, in particular PreApplicationStartMethodAttribute which uses a magic string (read: undiscoverable) to identify a method which can register the .fshtml build provider

There’s still a bunch of work yet to do, and I’d love some help if anyone is actually interested in using this in production…

  • Tests for the parser and code generator
  • Handling implicit transitions (@ without explicit block)
  • Handling strings/comments
  • Handling statement blocks
  • Figuring out where F# needs special treatment in Razor (extra features or syntax that won’t work)
  • MVC support? (@model)
  • WebPages support? (branch doesn’t work yet)

About Keith Dahlby

I'm a .NET developer, Git enthusiast and language geek from Cedar Rapids, IA. I work as a software guru at J&P Cycles and studied Human-Computer Interaction at Iowa State University.
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  • Thanigainathan

    Its very interesting to know that MVC will be supported in F#.


  • I am gonna definitely stay by c# + MVC + Razor

  • Saw your work on GItHub. Do you do custom programming?

  • Jay

    That’s cool thanks for sharing the source, it sounds like something that would be fun to hack on.

    I’ve been lately working on adding dynamic keyword like features in a library for FSharp so that it will work with my dynamic MVVM viewmodel. So far I’ve implement get/set property, call method, call function, add/remove events (+=,-=) and implict & explicit conversion which is enough to work with my MVVM apis, but I’m currently considering trying to add some binary operators as well.

    • That looks awesome Jay, glad to see you’ve kept trying to push the limits of dynamic in static languages! I need to give my DLR talk again so I can show off your stuff. :)