Discovering Open Source:

As open source gains more and more traction in the .NET space everywhere, a common question that keeps coming up is “How can I help?” To answer that question, a growing number of projects are tagging specific bugs and feature requests as good places for a new contributor to start. The tag to identify such tasks has not been standardized, but you should be able to figure it out…if you go and look.

To make discovering such projects easier, I’ve whipped together a site (page) hosted on GitHub: Up For Grabs. I’ve seeded the site with a few project links, but I hope over time we can grow this into a resource for newcomers to the open source scene to discover projects and get guidance on how to jump in!

Thanks to Scott for the nudge to get this started.

Update: Though the genesis of this site was a discussion on challenges facing the .NET open source community, I’ve come to realize that barriers to entry for new contributors exist across the entire open source ecosystem. So, if you run (or contribute to) any open source project that 1) has bugs and feature requests that you would consider “up for grabs” for new contributors, and 2) are interested in mentoring new contributors on their way to becoming great contributors, please add your project to the list.

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