Who do you wanna Jott? Twitter

So I recently started twittering… or tweeting. I’m not sure what the correct lingo is, so hook me up if you know. It all started a while back when James announced that he was the newest Twit. He mentioned a WPF client called Witty, and I wanted to see what it was all about. So I setup a Twitter account to play with the app. After I had my fun, I never deleted my account. Or at least I never looked into how to delete my account.

About a week ago I received and email that a couple of people were following me on Twitter. Man that’s flattering to read:

Hi, mo_khan.
Kyle Baley (kbaley) is now following your updates on Twitter.
Check out Kyle Baley’s profile here:
You may follow Kyle Baley as well by clicking on the “follow” button.

Whaa… a celeb is interested in what I’m up to? *blush* So I jumped in, and so far it’s been pretty fun. I found another service called “Jott”. Jott’s pretty cool, because I can call in to a number and I get an automated message that says:

“Who do you want to jott?”

I say … “Twitter”. Then I record my voice message.

Jott then takes that message transcribes it in to text, pushes it up to my twitter page, and drops a tinyurl to the actual audio. Sweet… that saves me a few pennies worth of text messages. But there’s more…

I’m one of the poor saps who pay to much for mobile service up here in Canada, eh! I subscribe to Rogers Wireless, and the plan called “My5″. I get to make unlimited phones calls to the 5 numbers that are in My5? So I put Jott on My5, and now I can shoot off messages to everyone for….

Free Ninety Nine…. well almost! If you’re young, fabulous and ghetto broke (it aint funny) like myself then you ought to give Jott a try!

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