I Heart ReSharper!

I’m still surprised by just how many people still aren’t using ReSharper. It’s an amazing productivity adding for Microsoft Visual Studio.  Once you’ve spent the time learning a few keyboard shortcuts you will not go back to naked studio.

There are few things that are more frustrating then jumping on a machine that doesn’t have ReSharper installed, then trying to edit some .cs files.

In an effort to prevent myself from ever having to jump on a pc that’s still missing the glory of ReSharper, I decided to throw together a quick screen cast showcasing some of the features i enjoy.

ReSharper Warm Fuzzies Screen cast

If you haven’t already… please, please give it a try (do it for me). It’s a good addiction!

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mO, is just a kid who's excited about writing software. He's a student of his profession, and just wants to share his thoughts on software development.
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8 Responses to I Heart ReSharper!

  1. Joe says:

    No sound? Or is it just me?

  2. Kris-I says:

    ReSharper …. or CodeRush :)

  3. DaRage says:

    As visual studio being released every 2-3 years, resharper will have a hard time keeping up. they just got up to date with vs 2008 not too long ago and vs 2010 is going to be released in sepetember.

  4. bobfox says:

    I absolutely prefer CodeRush / Refactor!.
    Do yourself a favor and try out the latest version 9.1 released a few days ago.
    And as DaRage already stated: JetBrains is always late. They needed ages to come up with a version for VS 2005, then they failed again for VS 2008.
    At the same time I have always been able to use the newest CodeRush stuff even in the VS Betas.

  5. remi bourgarel says:

    I installed ReSharper a few weeks ago and i uninstalled it after 3-4 days : to complicated to setup (i didn’t find where i can change the c# version …) and it slows down my machine.
    The refactor is enough for me (rename / find all references / go to definition).
    Sorry :)

  6. joey says:

    hey mo, what is your shell enviornment?

  7. joey says:

    also, you should use keyboard jedi so we know what keyboard shortcuts you are using.

  8. Dale says:

    I got through three minutes of the screencast before I gave up. There are much faster ways of communicating information than TYPING and when nothing has been shown within a few minutes, people tend to stop there.

    Did you know Visual Studio can natively rename stuff?