Stories in TargetProcess

TargetProcess is fantastic tool for managing projects using Agile techniques. Gone are the days of 6 month Gantt charts, not truly knowing where you’re at on a daily basis and less effective communication of status.

Stories and task breakdowns are the essential elements in this tool, but TargetProcess is incredibly flexible in how you can use it – from usage by one man shops to enterprise level teams.

I use TargetProcess on my personal projects by first creating stories, the equivalent of requirements, and having conversations with the end user to hash out the details of the story and beginnings of a domain model:


The beauty of stories is that they are simple to create and track. What is difficult is thinking about going back to utilizing other requirement methods because stories provide significant value by just being so easy to use. 

With stories, you do not try to get it all right upfront, but you do try to write as many stories as possible. From here, you can break down stories further, come up with tasks, and/or roughly estimate the story.

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