ReSharper Keymappings

As part of the install of ReSharper 3.0 install into Visual Studio 2008, I "accidentally" selected the Visual Studio keymappings to try it out.

Yikes… what a mistake. I couldn’t stand it. It turned out to be some form of tough love.

I’m afraid that I’m too used to ReSharper and none of the Visual Studio keymappings are worth losing the ReSharper keymappings for (come on… no Ctrl-B?!?!). lol

So I changed it back:


As somebody on the team once said, Visual Studio is just a glorified form of Notepad without ReSharper. lol

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One Response to ReSharper Keymappings

  1. Joe Ocampo says:

    com on lets call it what it really is. It is a file system
    manager that has a rich text editor.

    I will say that VS 2008 seems perform better than its predecessors but it is still bloat ware.