Austin Code Camp 2013

At today’s Austin Code Camp, I gave a talk titled, “Fixie: a Test Framework for the Discerning Control Freak”. It covered the motivation behind Fixie as well as a series of customization examples. All of the examples are based on the blog series available on the project’s github page, and the demo solution is up on github: Fixie-CodeCamp2013. I got some great feedback on how to improve the project, so here’s a big “Thank you” to all of the attendees.

I also gave a lightning talk on the strange consequences of C#’s default arguments implementation, including C#5’s caller info attributes. The demo includes a despicably-rough proof of concept for an assertion library, one that uses caller info attributes to build more informative error messages than we currently get with other libraries. This demo solution can be found here: Default Arguments in C#.

Tiny Nudges in the General Direction of Success