Joining Los Techies!

I’m now joining Los Techies!  For anyone who may have been reading my old blog over at github I won’t be blogging there anymore. I will soon port over the few posts I have over there. Soon I’m going to re-purpose my github site into a current projects page.

My name is Ryan Rauh and I like shiny stuff. If its new and I’ve seen it mentioned on Twitter more than twice chances are I’m going to go read about it or use it. I’m not super opinionated so I’m not likely to throw up exhaustive rant posts or tell you “you’re doing it wrong” instead I’m going to blog about what *I* think is cool and interesting.

Troll face

I’m not easily trolled… So don’t even try 😉

I also *love* memes, so expect lots of memes and other silly things in my posts.

I’ve got a new fire in my belly to blog and I’ve got a great backlog going so I hope it doesn’t fade.

Thanks again to Los Techies for inviting me. I’m kinda awesome so hit me up on twitter @rauhr or in the comments below.


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