Huboard – Github issues made awesome

Meet Huboard !



Huboard is a kanban style drag and drop task board built entirely on top of the github api.

How to get started

Its easy. Go to any of your github repositories and add issues as you normally would. Next create some labels that represent your business process. For example, at Dovetail we use a simple workflow.

  • 0 – Backlog
  • 1 – Development
  • 2 – Test
  • 3 – Done

Notice the labels follow a pattern of ‘{number} – {title}’? The number represents the order you want your column to appear in your process and the title represents the header of the column. Huboard will automatically use the lowest number column as the hidden drawer column on the task board.


Move cards with git commits! weeeeeee

One of the coolest features of huboard is the ability to move cards through your process with git commit messages. You can create a post receive hook in huboard by clicking Setup at the top and create hook. This will add a commit hook into github so that huboard knows when you have committed code. Just put ‘pushes GH-5′ in your commit message and when you next push your changes up to github, Huboard will look for these commands and will move issue #5 into the next column in your process! Huboard also supports push, move, and moves as command names.

It’s open source!

That’s right! Huboard is open source hosted on github! And… Huboard uses huboard!


Sounds awesome, now tell me about the suck!

Huboard is in beta! (big surprise) Currently, it is open for everyone to use for free! We want to grow it slowly, which means we will be cutting off access after a certain amount of users to gauge how the site handles the traffic.

Huboard does not work in IE. Sorry we tried, we really did but we can’t figure out or debug the problems with IE. We !@#$ing hate IE

Issues have to be opened and closed on, they are high on the backlog and coming soon! (in the mean time ‘gem install ghi’ and bask in the awesome that is command line issue creation)

Thats it!

Enjoy, feedback can be sent to @huboard. Issues and feature requests can be logged on github.

About Ryan Rauh

My name is Ryan Rauh and I like shiny things. If I've seen it on twitter more the twice most likely I've looked at it or tried it. I really like memes and other silly and seemingly useless things out on the internet. I blog about things *I* think are cool and interesting, I hope you will find them cool and interesting too.
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  • Wow! I started to spike out something like this a couple of weekends ago.  Very nice!

    • Anonymous

      Interesting! What were you going to do differently?

  • Anonymous

    I could help with issue #5, wrap a taco with another taco. Send tacos.

    This looks awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Checkout this example repo should give an idea of how to set up your board

  • jdn

    That’s pretty sweet.  Nice work.

  • Hubbard

    Similar to AgileZen.

    • jdn

      But possibly different.  I use AgileZen currently and there are…issues with it.  Not terrible issues, but issues.  So, I’ll be interested to see if this addresses them or not.

    • Anonymous

      UI looks somewhat similar. The primary difference here though is that there isn’t just “integration” with github. The data is 100% github’s. This is just a visualizer.

  • Jesse Williamson

    Been hearing about this on different threads for awhile now. Glad to finally get to see it. Nice work, sir.

  • Looks promising. But come on guys, IE is a major browser. Make it work. No, I don’t use it, and I don’t particularly like it.

    If your plumber came to your house and left your toilet as broken as when he came in, saying

    “I don’t work with bisque American Standard toilets. Sorry I tried, I really did but I can’t figure out the problems with bisque American Standards. I !@#$ing hate bisque American Standard toilets.”would you hire him again for another job? Would you think his attitude is becoming of a professional plumber?I sure as heck wouldn’t. Thanks for the program, though, I’m excited to try it out.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not that I don’t want to support IE, I do! I really did try but there are no errors and I couldnt figure out why it was failing. There is no js errors, nothing… It just doesnt work.

      IE support will be there, I will support IE! I just didn’t want it to delay my release. huboard is useful! Use it, tell me how to improve it. Don’t troll me on IE support


    • @stack72

      Its an open source project – therefore if you really want to use it in IE then fork it, add the support, then send a pull request!

      This guy has taken the time to write a visualiser for our github data!


  • Anonymous

    Awesome work, Ryan!

  • Kevin Miller

    I use it and like it a lot. Great work Ryan.

    Also, screw IE support. Concentrate on the awesome. Likely it will work fine with IE 10.

  • Anonymous

    This is really ambitious of you. I like it. Hope it gains more traction in the OSS space. 

  • Anonymous

    Since this is a tool for developers, and not for general consumers, I’m not sure that IE support is a priority. Most developers don’t do their development work in IE, even .NET programmers. I never use GitHub or do any debugging in IE. I only open IE to make sure things work. But, as I said, since this is just to manage your projects, then I don’t think IE support is a priority. 

    Just my $0.02

    Oh, and, great work!

  • Eric McVicker

    Looks interesting but I would not call it a kanban like board as there are no kanban elements to it such as the basic WIP limits.  But it looks like a nice simple Agile workflow board.  Github integration is awesome.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve kicked around having WIP limits.

      Naming your labels
              1 – Development – 3

      I could use the last number as the WIP limit. In theory WIP limits aren’t enforced, I wouldn’t restrict you from dragging more cards into the column than the limit. I will just indicate a problem, such as turn the background of the column a different color (like red).

      Metrics and trending are difficult to do right now, because huboard doesn’t have a datastore everything is pulled realtime from the API. Somewhere down the road when it grows, I’ll need to add in a caching layer. When that happens I’ll re-evaluate adding a datastore and then it would be possible for those features to be added. 

  • timtom

    I can’t wait until the disgusting curved drop shadow trend is finally dropped and in hell forever. It’s such a terrible effect. It makes all interfaces look like shit by making you perceive them on a wavy, ugly, impossible surface that assaults your eyes with visual poison. Throw up.

    • Anonymous


  • You have described it very well. Now a day, I feel that, no need to go out of the internet because Internet itself, showing many different and unknown information to us. Today I have got an useful information from your blog…

  • Jud

    Been using this for a week so far.. love it. Thanks.

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