Huboard – New feature overview


I’ve been working one a few new features in my side project huboard
and they are pretty awesome.

Since the start I’ve always prioritized features by what adds the most value to github issues. That means features github already provides are much lower in priority, which is why you still can’t add issues from huboard. Eventually I will add it, but github already provides that functionality or you could use other tools gem install ghi. Even more importantly huboard is open source, I would love it if someone would fork it and add those features.

So what’s new in huboard that github doesn’t provide?

Milestone ordering

Huboard provides the ability to prioritize your milestones using a more macro oriented manager pants view.

milestone ordering

From here you can happily drag your milestones into the desired order

view milestones

Issue ordering

Huboard provides the same ordering ability for issues.

view issues

Notice how issue #23 is between #31 and #35

issue order

Aggregate issues from multiple repositories

Huboard can now aggregate issues from multiple repositories into one singular overview of all your repositories

Simple as adding a label to your repo name Link <=> rauhryan/ghee

link label

Huboard shows issues from both repositories!

other repo

Github issues just got a little more awesome!


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