Huboard redesign (gif edition)


I’ve been working on a big redesign of huboard since around September or so. I’m finally ready to reveal all of that hard work. So what better way to show off all the new features than animated gifs, right?

Overall “cleaner” design and improved performance

drag and drop

Three state multi faceted filtering


Clicking a filter once will dim out issues that don’t match, click again and they disappear. Filters can be mixed and matched to help you narrow down exactly what you need to work on.

Super fast text search on the title


Drag to assign issues

assign issue

Quickly assign issues by dragging your avatar onto the card

Drag cards between milestones

backlog view

I built a whole new board to help you manage your backlog. Everything works exactly the same except the columns are now milestones.

Prioritize milestones

milestone reorder

Ordering milestones using drag and drop makes it quick and easy to prioritize your backlog.

That’s it. I hope y’all enjoy the new features

UX: Color is only meaningful if it’s different