Glad to be here

Hi, my name is Ryan Svihla and I’m the newest member of Los Techies and I’d like to provide some background for most of you wondering “who is this guy”.

I’ve recently moved to San Antonio, TX and absolutely love it here. I don’t miss the winters and humidity of the farm states where I previously lived. I greatly appreciate the local developer community and learning at the feet of people like Jasdeep, Jason, Joe, Josh, Anne, Phil and many others.

For my day job I work for a local bank, where I am a developer focused in C#.  My duties center on maintaining a legacy backend and acting as architect to our intranet and job server.  My previous experience was primarily in consulting as a windows and *nix sysadmin which gave me a pragmatic bent, so I don’t tend to get too wrapped up in platforms, languages or brands.

I attend Alamocoders, SA ruby, Virtual Alt.Net ,and SA tech book club meetings regularly and have founded a couple of very humble projects in Pinsor and SpecMaker (the latter is still in pre-release status).

You can follow me on twitter or contact me at rssvihla at gmail dot com if you have any questions or just want to chat. Finally, I just want to say thank you again to Jason for inviting me here, I’ll work hard I live up to the high standards set by others.