selenium-rspec-dsl available on and GitHub

I have released my first version of selenium-rspec-dsl on and on GitHub.  It that makes selenium testing easier to create, maintainable, and scalable. 


  • Runs on Ruby Selenium-Client 1.2.17, and Selenium-Grid 1.0.4 with Selenium RC 1.0.3
  • Rake Multi-Processing Tests to speed execution of tests utilizing Selenium-Grid
  • Element Level Classes that eliminates the use of adding sleeps to tests/specs, multi-window support, and elements that work with ExtJs, JQuery, GWT objects.
  • Modified Aggregate Report generator that displays number of specs run, examples runs, and Total and Cumulative Test Times.

Coming Soon – Documentation on how to use DSL.


About Scott Gillenwater

Hello everyone, I'm Scott Gillenwater. - I have a Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems - 10+ years of Experience that has ranged from software support to development with an expertise in Software Quality Assurance as a Senior Automation Engineer - Development experience primarily in Ruby, Python, Java, and JavaScript (Extjs) Languages - Developed a Framework/DSL around selenium using Ruby and Rspec that makes automation testing easier, and more maintainable. - Automation Tools of choice include: -- Selenium (Ruby or Python bindings), Selenium Grid (software web GUI functional/regression testing) -- Apache Jmeter (performance testing)
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