Viva LosTechies!

As Joe so eloquently stated, I’ve joined the LosTechies blogging community after just over 4 years blogging freestyle.

I’ve been watching this community grow and one thing that remains consistent is the quality of information and conversation put forth here, and I’m proud to join in and contribute to that. This community features several guys that I count among my friends, and several others for whom I have the utmost respect. When Sean extended the invitation, I was excited to join a group of bloggers who are every bit as passionate about the art and craft of software development as I am.

I’ve rolled over my feedburner feed to this site, so my existing reader will still see these posts, and to those of you subscribing to the main LosTechies feed, well, I’m sorry, but you get me now too :)

Thanks for having me guys!

About Scott Reynolds

Scott C. Reynolds is a developer with over a decade of experience creating enterprise solutions, primarily in healthcare and biotechnology. He is passionate about the art and craft of applying software solutions to business problems. He is a frequent speaker and participant of community events nationwide.
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3 Responses to Viva LosTechies!

  1. Jimmy Bogard says:

    Welcome to the…club? Glad to have ya!

  2. schambers says:

    Welcome to the group Scott. I know you will have some great content to put forth!

  3. John says:

    Glad you’re on board!!!