Lean & Kanban Software Conference

Just wanted to put it out there for my fellow Floridians that the Lean & Kanban Conference is going on in Miami, February 18-20. Space is strictly limited so register today for your spot. I’m currently trying to make my own arrangements to attend though, so don’t take my spot!

If you are interested in taking what you know about software development and looking at it through the Lean-O-Scope, this is where you want to be. Among many distinguished speakers will be Dave Laribee, who has really interesting ideas on bringing pull systems into an Agile shop, and modifying the way we think about and use our tools (source control, CI, etc) to achieve a release-per-feature workflow.

Corey Ladas will be there to speak as well, and if you are at all interested in this stuff you should be reading his blog. If you want to catch up on his writing in one nicely packaged chunk, also check out his Scrumban book.

So if you’re in Florida, there’s really no reason not to go, and if you aren’t, then you’re probably one of those people that wishes you were, so come enjoy some beautiful Miami weather in February and escape the snow.

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