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This week two of the members of my team finally jumped into the blogging scene in an effort to share what they’ve learned, give back (so to speak) to the community, and, in some ways, learn out loud.

For those of us that blog regularly (or, irregularly) it’s obvious that blogging about a topic is different than knowing about a topic, and that making yourself write about something, or speak about something, is a great way to shift your perspective and think critically about what you are doing. For this reason, among others, I always encourage people on my team to get into blogging, and two of them have.

Ed Taupier‘s new bog is Programmer on the Loose. Ed is a senior developer on my team and is one of the leaders in our migration from .net technologies on the web to Ruby on Rails. His first post is about some things he’s learned with keeping your controllers clean. Check it out here.

Cat Schwamm is a Business Analyst on my team and basically my right hand. She is helping me lead the charge in evolving our development practices and overall culture toward a lean, customer and value-centric organization. Without her, I would have long ago gone insane. Her first post is part one of probably several dealing with effective user stories and software specification, so definitely check it out.

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Scott C. Reynolds is a developer with over a decade of experience creating enterprise solutions, primarily in healthcare and biotechnology. He is passionate about the art and craft of applying software solutions to business problems. He is a frequent speaker and participant of community events nationwide.
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