Going Away Geek Beers

Most of you have heard by now that I am leaving Florida for the concrete pastures of New York City.

I’d like to have a get-together of some of the Florida community guys (and gals) Monday, Nov 16, in Ocala at 7pm until we decide to leave.

It’s truly been a pleasure working with this community over the last few years, and I will miss you guys. So..come on out and buy me a beer! ;)

Location: O’Malley’s Alley

My phone is 352.209.0943 drop me a line if you get lost of want to confirm you’re coming. So far looks like a real good group will be there, including Cory Foy, Sean Chambers, Scott Densmore, and Will Green, the amazing Cat Schwamm as well as members of my team. Hope to see you Monday!

About Scott Reynolds

Scott C. Reynolds is a developer with over a decade of experience creating enterprise solutions, primarily in healthcare and biotechnology. He is passionate about the art and craft of applying software solutions to business problems. He is a frequent speaker and participant of community events nationwide.
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One Response to Going Away Geek Beers

  1. Ian Cooper says:

    Hey I’ll be much closer when I visit the US next year then (Boston area usually). We will have to do beers next year.