My Visual Studio Twilight theme

I just finalized my text color theme for visual studio. Just thought I would share it with everyone. It is geared towards those of you who have resharper installed, but it should still work fine without it.

The theme is based off of the textmate twilight theme. I was going for a low contrast theme that is easy on the eyes.  I have tried the Vibrant Ink theme and it is too abrasive for me. My goal was to make warnings and errors blatantly obvious and distinguish classes from interfaces. I also love how the comments are dark and do not draw attention, I am not a big fan of comments.  I think the code along with BDD tests should be self-explanatory of what is going on.

All resharper warnings show up as red text. Build errors have red squiggly lines under them.  Breakpoints have red background.

Here is a c# example:

Here is an example of an aspx page:

Style sheet example:

JavaScript example:

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Grab the Visual Studio settings file here!

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Hello all, my name is Sean Biefeld. I graduated from Baylor University with a BBA in Management Information Systems. I am currently working for Headspring . I have been a developing software professionally since 2004. My primary development focus is on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and C#. This blog is a forum for me to post my experiences, ideas, rants, and thoughts as I traverse the mountain of life.
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  • Marti

    Looks very nice! I’ve tried many dark themes, and for now have settled on a slightly modified version of Roy Osherove’s dark theme, but I might even prefer the one shown here.
    I tried importing it, but I didn’t find any color settings – could you export this:
    Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors
    instead of:
    Options -> Text Editor

  • Hi,

    It looks like a really nice theme, could you just add one more thing to the Visual Studio settings file?

    When exporting add the “Environment->Fonts and Colors” as well so that I can get your color settings.


  • Dan

    “I tried importing it, but I didn’t find any color settings – could you export this:
    Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors
    instead of:
    Options -> Text Editor”

    same problem here..

  • Rob Walker

    Thanks for sharing — for some reason I can’t download the file in Chrome (comes in with a .tgz extension?), but it came in fine from IE

  • oops my bad, yes I’ll make sure to grab the fonts and colors.

  • ok, vssettings with fonts and colors is linked, sorry for the inconvenience

  • Thanks for sharing those settings! I’ll try them up as soon as I do some more C# goodness.

  • Mike George

    Thanks for sharing, but the link does not work.

  • DaRage

    Link is broken!

  • Chris Martin
  • DaRage

    it works now. I changed the font to consolas 10 and it’s even better.

  • Apparently I am a link-tard, it should be good to go now, sorry everyone.

  • Very Nice Theme, I do agree with DaRage, Consolas size 10 makes it even better

  • I LOVE IT!

  • @Sean
    Thank you. This theme is now my default. It rocks.

    @Michael James
    I like Lucinda Console better than Consolas. To each his own ;)

  • @Jason

    Glad you liked it.
    +1 to lucida console over consolas

  • Chris

    Exactly the theme I was looking for… thanks for the work

  • a great theme here

  • Matthew

    I was referred to here by Jason @

    I really like the smoothing colors!

    Thanks a mil Sean!

  • I do like light contrast and colors.Thanks for sharing what you did.I got a new idea how to start mine.

  • Have you tried this in Visual Studio 2010? It seems alot of themes no longer work properly ;(

  • Abir

    I checked out a few themes now and i like yours best!
    No strange unrelated colors and easy on the eyes..

  • Briar

    I’ve been looking around at several themes + editing a couple (as I liked different parts of different themes) and then I find this, which is pretty much what I was aiming for (except I wasn’t having much luck :P )!
    Thanks for the great theme

  • Wil Welsh

    The level of contrast that you have selected is quite nice. This is one of the top quality themes I have seen floating around. I did a mashup of your twilight theme and some stuff I made based on Brad Wilson’s dark pastels theme. Here are the results after 1 day of tweaking. Enjoy

  • I’m a big fan of twilight movie series and cast of course.This is perfect as a theme.Many thanks for the great share of codes and application here.

  • ouryou

    I love this one!

  • Jon

    yes this works in Visual Studio 2010

  • The Express version is definitely good enough to create and launch a web application, but it does have its limitations. So beware. See the at the end of this article for some free tools that make up for some of these limitiation. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  • Twilight, new Moon, And Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer are the most Extraordinary, amazing and wonderful books on earth!! I love them so much, i couldn’t live without them, they changed my life.

  • The cursor color remains black with a black background, in this case I can’t see the cursor while moving through the source,

    Where can I fix this

  • Mark

    Same problem as Wilson. How do you change the cursor color? Is that a system feature?

  • Matt

    I use the twilight theme as well, and have noticed in visual studio 2010 that reference highlighting is impossible to read now. (click on a method name and watch all references auto highlight) you can fix this by going into the color options and changing the background color of “highlighted reference” to be the same as selected text. (custom color you have to input manually)

  • Zzz

    thanks bro!