Configuring Fluent NHibernate with an External NHibernate Config File

A while ago I was having issues using configuring fluent NHibernate with an external configuration file. I kept running into the issue of mappings not being registered. I was finally able to get it working appropriately and thought I would share my solution. The key is to configure the normal mappings first and then pass that configuration in when configuring fluent NHibernate.

string configFile = "hibernate.cfg.xml";

//setup the normal map configuration
Configuration normalConfig = new Configuration().Configure(configFile);

//setup the fluent map configuration
m => m.FluentMappings

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  • perfect, this is what I was looking for a long time … you saved my day by sharing …

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  • Matt

    Thanks a lot!

  • N.K

    I keep getting “An exception occurred during configuration of persistence layer.” when I use this. Any ideas?