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Jason Meridth contacted me a couple of days ago inviting me to cross-post my blog posts on LosTechies. I was very flattered to learn that anyone even read my blog posts let alone invite me to blog on their community site. He explained to me that the aim of the site was to create a very relaxed community around informative programming information that everyone would find useful. From an initial e-mail conversation I had with everyone I can already tell that this will be a lot of fun. Everyone I spoke with seems very pleasant and knowledgeable so I think it will be good to mingle with like minded people as well as learn some new things.

As some of you may know I have a blog at WordPress that you can find here. In the beginning I am going to be cross posting to both blogs and see how that works out. Eventually I may move the whole blog to LosTechies. I do enjoy all the themes that wordpress has available. So that is a nice feature, but that’s about it.

I will mainly be blogging about The Castle Project (mainly MonoRail and sometimes Windsor), NHibernate, DDD (or my limited knowledge of it), TDD, and soon BDD as well as other various development topics.

One of the first things I will be planning to do is setup a BDD Starter Series. I have been meaning to do is learn more about BDD as I have not had anytime to get started with it. I am a complete newbie when it comes to this. I think this would perhaps be a good series so everyone could walk down the same path and hopefully get something out of it with me.

In closing I would like to thank Jason and everyone else at LosTechies for inviting me to blog here and look forward to spreading as much knowledge as possible as well as learn more in return.


About Sean Chambers

I am a Senior software developer from Palm Coast, Florida. An advocate of Domain Driven Design, Behavior Driven Development, creator of FluentMigrator and community activist. I am married to my beautiful wife Erin and am the proud father of two wonderful children. I currently reside at ACI, a local insurance industry/mortgage software company that excels in creating solutions using Agile methodologies.
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  • Great to have ya! :D

  • The pleasure is ours bro.

    Glad to have you as part of the group.

    Just need to get you and Joey to Simpsonize your avatars. :) j/k (not required)

  • Also, to not take any credit, Joey initiated the invite idea. I was already a subscriber to your blog and wholeheartedly agreed.

    Just don’t like taking credit for something I didn’t initiate :)

  • I still think we need to simsonize you to make the transition complete. Joey is rebelling! :-)

  • Actually I have a simpsonized picture I did awhile ago. It’s on my other computer. I’ll have to upload it. =)

  • There we go… Simsonized!!

  • Sweet! Joey….it’s your turn. :)