Branching a trunk permanently

I am wondering how someone else would achieve what I am trying to do here. Basically I have a development trunk for Project A. It is updated with new code on a daily basis and has frequent branches and merges for various features etc..

I have taken a project trunk and created a completely new project from it. I am doing this because the new trunk will go off it’s own development path and I don’t want modifications on Project B to create problems in Project A. In addition, namespaces in Project B will be different. This part is no problem. The problem I have is how to effeciently transmit updates to code from one project to the other. From time to time there may be new features added that I want to add to one project or the other but not all the time.

I thought about using patches and haven’t thought about it much recently. I’m at the point now where Project A has quite a few features that I wish to add to Project B without having to copy and paste code although this is what I may have to resort too.

I guess the bottom line is, there feels like there is an easier way to do this, if there is I haven’t found it yet =)

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