Wednesday is the Day

The time has finally come. After 9 long months of waiting and a miserable fiancee, our son Aidan will be delivered this week on Wednesday (hopefully)

We are heading down to the hospital on Tuesday evening so that our Doctor can induce her labor on Wednesday morning. Hopefully she will have an easy child birth and not too much pain. This is our first child so we’re not really sure what to expect. I am very excited. My fiancee keeps joking that he’s going to pop out holding a keyboard and banging away churning out code =)  if I could only be so lucky..heheh

After Wednesday I have the next week and half off to help out with the newborn and help my fiancee relax. It’s a very exciting time. The whole pregnancy I think she was always more excited than me but I can hardly sleep at night now =)

Anyways, I will be posting photos after we leave the hospital…unless they can hook it up with some wifi =)

Wish me luck!

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