Avoiding Development Disasters @ WTF

At the moment we are between feedings for Aidan and all is quiet at the moment. I am trying to catch up on my rss feeds and came across a really good post on Worse Than Failure title “Avoiding Development Disasters

I don’t really have the mental capacity at the moment to write a good response on my thoughts but everyone should go take a gander.

I have noticed that when you only sleep 2-3 hours, it is probably worse than getting no sleep. I have a new found respect for all parents all over the world.

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I am a Senior software developer from Palm Coast, Florida. An advocate of Domain Driven Design, Behavior Driven Development, creator of FluentMigrator and community activist. I am married to my beautiful wife Erin and am the proud father of two wonderful children. I currently reside at ACI, a local insurance industry/mortgage software company that excels in creating solutions using Agile methodologies.
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