Boston is in the series!!!

The red sox have just won game 7 of the american league pennant. The final was 11-2.

Sorry to post non development related stuff but Boston is my team!!!!!!

The world series begins on wednesday I believe. It’s gonna be a good match!

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  • I still think if Cleveland had sent Lofton home (ManRam was miles away from the ball), things might be a little different today…

  • i agree with you there. I was shocked by that play. there was no way manram could have blasted it all the way home. he would have thrown it to 2nd and lofton would have been home by then.

  • YEAH BOY. Love to see another developer from “The Nation”. Just found your blog today and subscribed. Go Sox!

  • Couldn’t believe the score last night… 13 to 1!!! crazy!!

  • Can you believe our two rookies? Amazing.

  • Pedroia is making me very proud!

    Nothing can stop them now. One more chance for Colorado


  • =)

    I knew they would do it. GO SOX!!!!!